Hi, I’m David Gurman.
Data Artist Entrepreneur,
Co-Founder of the R&D Group.


An Artist and Entrepreneur at heart, I’m passionate about creating welcoming opportunities for people to celebrate each other. Right now I’m working on R&D, raising my two amazing girls in San Francisco, or dirty rock climbing somewhere remote and beautiful. My wife, Shawna Jacoby, is an Architect and together we co-founded the R&D group - we develop exciting values inspired real estate projects.

I’ve been working at the intersection of Experience Design, Data Science, Analytics, Visualization, Art and Entrepreneurship since Y2K. Sometimes this takes the form of a real estate project, like tiny homes built on a community tended farm... Or an old San Francisco house updated for modern life, restored to express its original character - ready to host family life love overflowing.  Other times it takes the shape of an art installation like a bell hung in a Church robotically tolling hourly once for each civilian killed in a war zone - a place to remember, contemplate and discuss. My passion has also taken the form of a San Francisco based startup, Vibrant Data - which was acquired by Rakuten in 2016. We built a platform for exploring data, now open sourced, anyone can use it!

This site is a work in progress where I catalog adventures past, present, future.

Here is a short Bio:

Data Artist Entrepreneur David Gurman is the Co-Founder of the R&D Group and was Co-founder and Chief Design Officer at VibrantData, building new interfaces for exploring hidden connections in data. His art installations are “real-time memorials” that use live data feeds and citizen reportage from conflict zones to create immersive realtime experiences.

David has received grants and fellowships from TED, National Endowment for the Arts, Headlands Center for the Arts, the Center for Cultural Innovation, the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, the Eureka Fellowship, the Fleishhacker Foundation, the Wattis Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. His work has been shown and acquired by international museums. His design work has been recognized by the FWA, WordPress, and Communication Arts. David's work has been written about in Politico, New York Times Lens Blog, BookForum, The Daily Beast and TIME.

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